Mediterranean cooking (Turkish style) DVD

Polish Gourmet Cooking DVD

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Turkish Cooking DVD

This title will cover most popular delicious Turkish preparations. These recipes were demonstrated by a Turkish lady. These are authentic recipes that she cooks on an everyday basis for her own family. Available in both NTSC or PAL versions. The introductions are in Turkish language with live English narration. For more information email us at

This title includes 12 preparations as shown below:


Ispanakli Borek (Spinach pie).


Karniyarik (Eggplant stuffed with meat).


Mercimek koftesi (Lentil 'balls').


Zeytinyagli Fasulye (Beans in Olive Oil).


Izmir Kofte (Meatball Smyrna Styla).


Zeytinyagli Enginar (Artichoke in Olive Oil).


Bulgur Pilavi (Bulgur Turkish Style).


Peynirli Acma Borek (Dough glats with feta cheese).

Havuļæ½ Salata

Havuc Salata (Carrot Salad).

Mantar Sote

Mantar Sote (Mushroom w/ sauce).

Taskepapli Pilav

Taskepapli Pilav ( Rice with Meat).

Zeytinyagli Yaprak Dolmasi

Zeytinyagli Yaprak Dolmasi (Stuffed Grape Leaves in Olive Oil).

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