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Bulgarian Cooking DVD

These recipes were demonstrated by a Bulgarian lady. Some of the recipes were video taped in her home abroad and some recipes were shot in US when she visited America. Photos of the chef could be seen here. The introductions are in Bulgarian language with live English narration. For more information email us at sales@cookingondvd.com.

This title includes 12 most common Bulgarian preparations.


"Gyuvetch" is without a doubt one of the most popular Bulgarian dishes. It is delicious and healthy vegetable dish everyone enjoys.


"Triguni" is a great kid's desert.


Beef and mushrooms "Chorba" is a delicious thick national soup.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers is easily the favourite vegetable dish. Great tasting and light it is sure to impress you vegetarian friends.

Meat Guvech

"Meat Gyuvetch" is lamb version of Guvech.

Bird's nest

"Bird's nest" is an easy-to-make and decorative dish. It's great for a celebration table.

Apple Pie

This is a Bulgarian version of an apple pie. It is quick and easy to make, and it tastes great!

Carp Plakia

"Carp Plakia" is a great baked fish dish.

Egg Custard

This delicious version of egg custard is sure to satisfy any pallet. It is served as is or with fresh or frozen fruits.

Pumpkin Banniza

'Pumpkin Banisa' or 'Tikvenik' is a traditional dish before the Christmas.

'Tarator' soup

Soup "Tarator" is great summer soup.


"Banisa" with Brynza cheese is a must have on the table. It is one of the favourite Bulgarian preparations.

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