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Hello.. My name is Marina. My husband and I did our first ethnic cooking video in 2005 and we've been doing them ever since. We are neither Chefs nor multimedia experts. We are just people who have passion for ethnic food and curiosity about diferent cultures. We love to travel and meet new people.

It is not our goal to show the extravagant beauty of famous chefs' work (so don�t expect to see the elegance of how master Chefs cut onions precisely) but to show the actual process of ethnic cooking as close to its natural environment as we possibly can. Our aim is to bring in a bit of the foreign culture and to show the natives of the respective countries to do their routine - cooking their own national food.

We are not trying to imitate style of cooking shows on TV. We tried not to distract the Chefs (or cooks) by imposing too many restrictions and made them feel at home while they cooked the recipes that they were used to cooking for many years. These cooks who are either catering agents or ordinary house wives are respected for their cooking skills in the community they grew up.

I want everyone who buys our DVD to be satisfied. I strongly urge you to read our FAQ section prior to ordering.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write to me at

We love to hear your feedback and I would like to thank the numerous folks who watched our DVD and taken the time to write to us.

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