1) Q: How can I get the printed recipes?
    All of them come with recipes in Microsoft Word format located in the root directory of the DVD.
  • Insert your DVD into your the PC or Mac DVD drive.
  • Go to "My Computer."
  • Right click on DVD drive (or Option-click the CD icon for Macs).
  • Click "open."
  • Click on the appropriatetly named recipe file (Word doc) located in the root directory and print it out.
Word viewer could be obtained from Microsoft site.
Also the same recipe is available in Acrobat pdf format located at: "/Common/0" subdirectory of your DVD which you may manually locate it. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat player to view it.

2) Q: The built-in links for printed recipe don't work.
A: In order for those specialized recipe links to work, one need to use the built-in InterActual DVD player to access them (any software DVD player or set-top player will not work). For regular viewing of the DVD video of the cooking process, any set top or software DVD player will work fine. If you don't like the idea of loading the InterActaul player into your PC, then follow FAQ:1. Please note that older InterActual player that comes with our DVD will not work with Microsoft Vista users. Vista compatible 2.7 version of InterActual player is available for free download but its functionality with our DVD is not tested. Hence Vista users can just read the recipes using Word as noted in FAQ 1.

3) Q: How much is the S&H cost for outside USA?
A: The S&H is based on a sliding scale of the amount in dollars of the DVDs you have added to the cart. The S&H will be added once you go through the Paypal checkout. We use USPS for shipping. If you want us to use UPS, FedEx or DHL, then the cost will be more than what is quoted by the cart as shown below. We can manually quote you the S&H fee in that case.

For USA the S&H is:
$00.01 to $10.99, S&H is $3.00
$11.00 to $29.99, S&H is $4.50
$30.00 to $49.99, S&H is $7.99
$50.00 to $99.99, S&H is $11.99
Above $100.00, S&H is $17.99

For International S&H
(all countries including Canada
and Mexico) the S&H (NO tracking) is:
$00.01 to $10.99, S&H is $3.99
$11.00 to $29.99, S&H is $5.99
$30.00 to $49.99, S&H is $10.99
$50.00 to $99.99, S&H is $17.99
Above $100.00, S&H is $24.99

4) Q: How can I pay for my order?
    A: US Customers can pay by
  • Any major credit cards via Paypal
  • Money orders
  • For personal checks email us.

    Non-US Customers can pay by
  • Any major credit cards via Paypal ONLY from our site. If you want to use credit cards without Paypal, you can order from Amazon.com.
  • International Money orders (ex. Western Union, etc.). NO personal checks.
5) Q: Where are the DVD shipped from?
A: All the DVDs are assembled and shipped from continental USA.

6) Q: The DVD does not play.
A: All our DVDs are recorded on professional grade DVD -R media. The DVDs are tested on multiple players before shipment. Most set-top DVD players and computer based players manufactured in the last 5-7 years will play DVDs without problems. We suggest you trying to play DVD on a different computer-based DVD player (at your office, or friend's/family place) before considering it defective. However, if the DVD fails to play, we'll replace it or refund the money.

7) Q: Do you have a catalog of your products?
A: You can download the Pdf version of our catalog by clicking here. Please note this website is always more upto date than the catalog.

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