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We have a different philosophy when it comes to authentic cooking. For example if you want to learn to speak a foreign language, you can always read language books and listen to CD swiss replica watches tutorials. But there is nothing like living in the foreign land with the host who speaks that language. It is the same with cooking. If you want to get an approximate idea of how to really cook ethnic food, you can search the internet for recipes and try them out. Most of the time it doesn�t come out the way you want it to be. Sounds familiar? There is nothing like replica watches uk watching the native citizen of the respective country demonstrates their cooking skills. All our video demonstration was done by bona fide citizens or ex-residents of the respective native countries.

There is an old saying that it is better to see once than to hear about it ten times. Here we are ready to help you to create the perfect dishes for the perfect occasion. If you have tried the recipe but could never get it right. Or if you want to see the subtle cooking tips that make THE difference. Then this video is for you.

Our vision is to create international cooking DVDs replica watches that incorporate the cooking tips and wisdom from different nations across the world. So far we have only few products but many more are yet to come.

Since the Chefs speak the local language, we have a live English translator on scene. All DVDs comes with printable recipes in Word and Pdf format for your ease of use and ourluxury versions of the DVD comes with color printed ercipes. Since all boring parts are edited out, you do't have to watch the whole process like on live TV. Each video contains ten or more of the most popular recipes.

Currently we suggest German, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish, African, Turkish and Asian Indian cooking DVDs. And we have scheduled to release African Cooking (Ethiopian Style), Indian Chinese and more DVDs on delicious Indian cuisine this year. Each DVD (both NTSC or PAL) contains 10 or more great recipes that are certain to impress and please your guests or family.

You are also welcome to try our out free detailed Russian and Ukrainian sample recipes.

More videos are on the way as we well travel round the world shooting videos. We do this because we love to cook and enjoy eating authentic ethnic food. It is just a fun project for us. We can share this cooking experience with you for just $9.99 per DVD. Hope you enjoy our DVDs!

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