West African Cooking (Liberian Style) DVD

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African Cooking (Liberian Style) DVD

These recipes were demonstrated by two Liberian sisters who were born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia. These are authentic recipes that they cook on an everyday basis for their own family. Photos of the chef could be seen here. The title includes 11 most popular delicious Liberian dishes shown below. Available in both NTSC or PAL versions. For more information email us at sales@cookingondvd.com.

Pepper Soup

"Pepper soup" is a great spicy national soup.

Jallof rice

"Jallof rice" is without a doubt one of the most popular Liberian recipes.

Carp Plakia

"Palm Butter" is a delicious meat and seafood preparation with palm butter.

Check Rice

"Check rice" is a delicious rice dish.

Palava Sauce

Palava Sauce is a must have on the table. It is on of the favourite Liberian preparations.

Egg Custard

A tasty preparation with okra.

Liberian gravy

This is a delicious spicy Liberian gravy.

Potato greens

"Potato greens" is a very traditional recipe. It is delicious dish everyone enjoys. Potato greens can also be substituted with spinach.


Tabughee is a special Liberian preparation with Kitilee, eggplant, meats and seafood.

Cassava Leaves

Cassava Leaves is one of the most favourite preparations in Liberia.

Paw Paw Pudding

Paw Paw or Papaya pudding is a desert. It is quick and easy to make, and it tastes great!

To purchase African Cooking (Liberian Style) DVD click here.

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