Polish Cooking DVD

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Polish Cooking DVD

The title covers most popular delicious Polish dishes. For more information email us at sales@cookingondvd.com.

This title includes 15 most common Polish preparations.


Kolacky is easily one of the most famous deserts domestically and abroad.


Bigos is without a doubt one of the most popular Polish dishes. It is also known as 'Hunter's Stew'.

Babka Wielkanocna

Babka Wielkanocna is a delicious Easter cake.

Pork with Mushrooms Gravy

Tasty pork with mushrooms gravy.


Pierogi is probably the most well-known rolex replica uk Polish dish. Our chef cooked Pierogi with 7 different fillings that include cabbage, cheese, cooked beef, potato, beef and greens, cherries and apricots.


Blintzes are traditional desert or breakfast dish.

Mushroom Soup

A tasty mushroom soup.


Barszcz is a special Christmas beetroot soup.

Kluski z Kapusta

'Kluski z Kapusta' is a delicious home-made rolex replica noodles with cabbage preparation.

Mazurek Korolewski

Mazurek is a special Polish almond desert.


'Komopt' a delicious beverage made of rolex replica uk dried fruit.

Chicken with mushrooms

Baked chicken stuffed with mushrooms.

Karp v Galarecie

'Karp v Galarecie' is a special Polish fish preparation.

Barley soup

Krupnik is tasty and rich barley soup.

'Mizeria' - cucumber salad

'Mizeria' is a famous Polish cucumber salad.

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