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Russian Cooking Volume 2 DVD

This is the second volume of Russian cooking video demonstration on DVD (both NTSC or PAL). Chose the language of your preference (Russian or English) from the title menu. The cooking was demonstrated by Valentina Synyehubova, a native citizen of former Soviet Union.

Languages: Russian, English.

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This title includes 14 favorite Russian preparations as shown below:


Pot stew �Gorshochki� is a whole meal by itself prepared in old-fashioned clay pots. It is traditional to cover it with a dough piece instead of a lead, which is eaten as bread together with stew. The recipe is a special treat for the special guests.


Baked rabbit is one of the favorites. Rabbit meat is very popular in Russia for its delicious taste as well as very low fat content.


Fried squash with garlic is a very popular household preparation. It is more of a side dish or appetizer than a meal.


Special meat jello "Holodets" is a must have for any big occasion or celebration. It takes a while to make the dish but it is well worth the effort.

Beef in wine sauce

Beef in port wine sauce is an old recipe for a special occasion.


Sauerkraut soup �Schi� is a traditional meal starter in Russia. There are a few variants of this recipe.


Semolina desert is an easy desert as an alternative to a pie or a cheesecake. It can be plain for with fruit preserves or syrup.


Stuffed fish is a delicious festive dish.


Summer soup �Okroshka� is a delicious and light dish. The classic variant is made with a special fermented drink kvas available only at select ethnic stores. And this variant is made with easily available buttermilk.


Milk vermicelli is a great nutritious sweet kids breakfast.

Garlic Salads

Garlic Salads are easy healthy salads.

Semga Sandwich

Salmon mini sandwiches are popular appetizer. Smoked salmon is used for this recipe.


Currents �Kisel� (thick drink). Starchy drink "kisel" is very popular in Russia, especially popular it was in the days of former Soviet union when kisel was a school lunch drink. The drink can be made with any fruit or berry.


Pickled assorted vegetables. In Russia it is traditional to pickled into 3 litter glass jars. To make canning easier, use the self-sealing lids. For this recipe we used the assorted vegetables but you may choose only one type � like cucumbers only.

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