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Russian Cooking DVD

This is the first volume of Russian cooking video demonstration on DVD (both NTSC or PAL). It was demonstrated by a native citizen of former Soviet Union. Introductions are in Russian language with live English narration. For more information email us at To check out Ukrainian Gourmet Cooking DVD click here. For more information on Russian Cakes and Pastries DVD please click here.

This title includes ten most common Russian preparations as shown below:


"Borsch" is without doubt the most popular Russian meal start. The cabbage tomato soup is filled with veggie; it is a delicious healthy soup your child will not refuse.


"Pelmeni" is a famous meat dumplings dish.


"Blinchiki" is a sort of thin pancakes with stuffing. They may be either sweet (cottage cheese, jam, apple filling) or salty (potatoes, meat, etc). This dish makes a perfect appetizer of desert.


"Golubtsy" is a meat in a cabbage leaf dish. They are delicious, easy to make and are a nice addition to any party.


"Vinegertte" is easily the most favorite salad. It's a "must have" dish on any celebration table. The preparation is a vegetarian one and will suit any taste.


Salad "Shuba" is a layered delicious dish. It is sure to impress your guest.


"Syrniki" are cottage cheese based pancakes that will give you the true taste of Russian breakfast.


"Ikra" is a summer must have on the table. The fried veggie dish is served by itself or on the bread. It makes a great dip or appetizer when served on crackers.


"Perogi" is a famous Russian desert. It is warranted to satisfy any pallet.


"Perozhki" are the pan-fried dish with stuffing. Sweet or salty, they are the best appetizers of the Russian cuisine.

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