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Russian Cakes DVD

The title covers a wide variety of techniques of Russian cakes and pastries preparations. It was demonstrated by a pastry chef who has been working in a local Russian bakery for over a decade. For more information email us at Also check out Russian Gourmet Cooking DVD, Russian Cooking volume 2 and Ukrainian Gourmet Cooking DVD. For more photos on scenes of Russia and the cooking process click here.

This title includes 12 most common Russian cakes and pastries as shown below:

Ants Mountain

"Muraveynik" is a delicious cake with honey and roasted peanuts. The cake is usually made out of small pieces of dough to resemble the ants' mountain.

Kievskiy cake

"Kievskiy" cake is a very popular sweet. This delicious cake is based on egg whites and nuts. It is very light and it just melts in your mouth.

Chocolate cake

Chocolate sponge cake is very common sweet and it is a 'must have' on a celebration table.

Monk's House cake

"Monk's House" is a delicious cake made of 15 rolls with cherries inside each; the rolls are put to form a shape resembling a hut. This cake is well known for its unusual structure and the great taste.

Napoleon cake

"Napoleon" is easily the most favorite multilayered cake.


The Roulette is a variation of roll filled with jam, preserves or cream. It is easy and quick to make, and it tastes great.

Swan pastries

"Swan" pastries are similar to �clairs though different in presentation. These delicious pastries are sure to impress your guests.

Honey cake

"Honey cake" is a common kid's birthday cake. The presentation always varies - some make it in a shape of a bear, a bee or classic round.


"Domino" are common pastries. They are delicious and great for kids' parties.

Biscuit cake

"Biscuit" or egg cake is the most common cake in Russian cuisine.


"Zavarnye" or "Eclair" are world know pastries. Here is a Russian version of the sweets.


"Korzinki" are the easy-to-make, delicious pastries. They are prefect for any party.

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