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Ukrainian Cooking DVD

This is the first volume of Ukrainian cooking video demonstration on DVD (both NTSC or PAL). It was demonstrated by an Ukrainian Babushka (granny). Introductions are in Russian language with live English interpreter on scene. For more information email us at To check out Russian Gourmet Cooking DVD click here.

This title includes ten most common Ukrainian preparations shown below:


"Paska" aka �Kulich� is traditional Easter bread. Yeast based, sweet dome shaped cake is a cute decoration for a festive table.

It is traditional to give away paskas and colored eggs to friends and family on Easter.

Chicken Kiev

"Chicken Kiev" is most searched for and popular preparation. Delicious and juicy, easy to make � everybody loves it!


Salad "Olivier" is a �must have� on any celebration table. Cook delicious vegetarian version or add your favorite meat.


"Swenyna delikatesna" is a special pork preparation.


"Kartoplyanyky" or 'potato pancakes' make a nice snack. It is great for party as an appetizer.

Kachka z yablukamy

"Kachka z yablukamy" or 'duck stuffed with apples' is a great centerpiece for the special occasion.

Kurka po-Kryvorizky

"Kurka po-Kryvorizky" or 'Chicken Krivoy Rog (city in Ukraine) style' is an easy-to-make delicious preparation your family will love.

Farshirovana schuka

"Farshirovana schuka" or 'stuffed pike' will easily be the favorite centerpiece and the most impressive dish on your table. Bake is whole or cut in pieces and fry it.


Khrusty" is an easy and delicious desert. Sweet and crunchy, it takes only minutes to make.

Rulet medovyi

"Rulet medovyi" or 'honey roll' is a quick tasty cake. It is the treat the whole family will enjoy!

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